Healthy Make-Ahead Breakfast Recipes

In a cold cereal, toast or bagel rut?

Read on to find 5 delicious, nutrient dense breakfast recipes. All can be made the night before for a stress-free morning.


Overnight Oats

our-favorite-overnight-oats-1200-8231.jpgMany cold-oat skeptics find that they actually enjoy this refreshing spin on the traditionally hot cereal. The flavor possibilities are endless; some of our favorites include cinnamon or pumpkin pie spice, vanilla or almond extract, and honey or pure maple syrup to sweeten. Top with whatever fruit you have on hand and add some slivered almonds or chopped walnuts for a protein boost. Here is a simple base recipe with only 4 ingredients to get you started.



Freeze & Heat Breakfast Burritos

Breakfast-Burrito-1Cook and assemble these protein packed breakfast burritos when you have time to meal prep, and simply heat in the microwave when you’re ready to eat them. The recipe includes freezing and reheating instructions and is easy to modify to your favorite ingredients and flavors.




Chia Seed Pudding

15-HHB-1116-Chia-Seed-Pudding-Infographic_06.02.2015_02Another recipe with enough flavor combinations to suit everyone, chia seed pudding is an easy and delicious way to include this nutrient-packed seed into your diet. When soaked in liquid, chia seeds transform into a tapioca pudding-like consistency. This recipe calls for 2 tablespoons chia seeds with 1/2 cup of your favorite milk, however, this recipe could be doubled for a hearty breakfast. Flavor ideas include cocoa, sweet almond, chai, chocolate raspberry, pistachio, and mango blueberry. Chocolate for breakfast? Count us in.



Spinach and Red Pepper Mini Frittatas

Spinach-and-Red-Pepper-Mini-Frittatas2These mini frittatas are an easy-to-customize protein filled breakfast that can be made ahead, refrigerated and reheated in the morning.


A great recipe when you are trying to use up those veggies on their last legs! Budget friendly and delicious.



Protein-Packed Oatmeal Cups

customizable-protein-packed-oatmeal-cups.pngThese oat muffins have 11 grams of protein each! They also freeze well and can be reheated in the microwave when you’re ready to eat. This blogger has perfected the art of cooking with protein powder, which can be a hard ingredient to work with. Your favorite protein powder comes together with unsweetened applesauce, Greek yogurt, hemp seeds, honey, and other delicious and healthy ingredients to serve up an extremely satisfying breakfast with enough protein and fiber to keep you going until lunch.



All recipes hyperlinked to blogs who own photos and recipe credits.



Valerie Koschnick RDN, CD


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  1. I love your ideas! If you want another super easy and delicious breakfast idea, head on over to the food section of my page! It is my go-to breakfast in the mornings 🙂

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