Commit to be Fit

This week is not so much focused on nutrition, but more about how to complement a healthy diet. Whatever your health goals, whether weight loss, maintenance, or for overall health, a healthy diet and exercise are both equally important. Exercise has been linked to many benefits including decreased stress and hypertension, improved blood circulation, strengthening … Continue reading Commit to be Fit

Pump Up for Pumpkin Season

With October right around the corner, pumpkin season is in full swing! Pumpkins aren’t just a fall decoration. They are also loaded with health benefits, which is a good reason for anyone to add pumpkin to their diet. Pumpkins are an excellent source of vitamin A and vitamin C; they are also fat free, low … Continue reading Pump Up for Pumpkin Season

Apples: A Bushel of Nutrients

Wisconsin settlers started planting apple trees as early as 1800, and the first commercial apple orchards were started between 1830 and 1850 in our state. Today, you will find more than 300 commercial orchards in 57 of Wisconsin’s 72 counties. Most of these orchards are found in Crawford County, Richland County, Door County, Bayfield County, … Continue reading Apples: A Bushel of Nutrients

Healthy Tailgating and Football Parties

With the start of September and fall close behind, football season is back in full swing. Whether it’s national, college, or high school football, most of us will likely tailgate or host/attend a football party over the next few months. However those weekly football games can pack on the calories and pounds if not careful. … Continue reading Healthy Tailgating and Football Parties