Thrive on any Budget

We all have one, no matter the size. When it comes to our grocery budget, many of us are looking for ways to cut it back!

You may remember the tried and true advice of keeping in mind The Three P’s: Plan, Purchase, Prepare!

Read on to explore some additional resources that will empower you to eat better, cook less & stay on-budget.

  • Making a shopping list and sticking to it can be an easy way to get started. This prevents impulse purchases, gives you a guide during the week, and might spark some ideas for simple meal prep; washing and chopping some veggies, cooking a pot of brown rice or making a few extra chicken breasts on Sunday to use throughout the week. This article does a deep dive into HOW, exactly, to get started with meal planning (even planning for take-out!). Here are some printable meal plans to simplify your life.

As they say, “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail!”

  • Meal prep is a way many folks make healthy eating happen on any budget. For most of us, the healthy choice just has to be the convenient choice! Carving out some time on our day off can save time and money all week. Eating out adds up much more quickly – in both calories and dollars – than meals made from the grocery store. Honor your health, your budget, and your bank account by meal prepping. Check out this complete guide to meal prep for beginners. It lays out a clear plan for where to begin (you can start small!) and even discusses best storage containers, portion sizes, and pantry staples.
  • In addition to making a plan and sticking to it, there are some more practical ways to cut costs at the store. This article suggests 10 specific tips for saving money on your grocery bill, including buying on-sale foods and freezing on-sale fruits. For smoothies, we recommend one cup of fruit per serving: berries, pineapple, mangoes, peaches, pre-peeled bananas & oranges. Freeze fruit before it spoils to prevent costly food waste. If you don’t already, consider adding unlimited amounts of vegetables to your smoothie, too! Take fresh spinach “on it’s last legs” and freeze in an airtight container to add later to smoothies. Even carrots blend up beautifully! Here are delicious 10 smoothies that have veggies snuck in.
  • The website Budget Byte$ is a fantastic resource for elevated, mouthwatering economical cooking. That hyperlink will take you to her meal prep section, with all things budget meal prep to keep you fueled and happy throughout your day.
  • Lastly, grant yourself some kindness when it comes to taking action to either reduce your bill or fill it with healthier foods. The act of taking some action can be half the battle! If meal planning and prep seems daunting, consider one or two things you can work on at a time and work them into your routine before tackling your next goal. As an example, begin by planning out a week of healthy breakfasts and shop for the items you need, looking for sales and coupons ahead of time if you can, to see which types of meals might be a good fit. Maybe the following week you take on breakfast and lunch!

Valerie Koschnick RDN, CD

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