Is the Keto Diet Right for You?

The ketogenic diet, also known as “keto,” seems to be all the rage lately, and many celebrities promote it is an effective weight loss method. Although it’s popular currently, it isn’t new and has actually been used as a treatment for epilepsy since the 1920s. The keto diet is a high-fat, low-carbohydrate diet that puts … Continue reading Is the Keto Diet Right for You?

Intuitive Eating

Stop dieting, eat the way nature intended, make peace with food & your body. If you've ever seen a baby eat, you know they are not concerned with calories, fat, carbs, or how their belly looks. They eat when hungry, stop when full, never regret a second helping and eat foods they truly enjoy. When … Continue reading Intuitive Eating

10 Tips for Weight Loss Success

Medical Health It is important for the Registered Dietitian and other health care providers to know your medical history before you begin a weight-loss program. A medical examination and possibly laboratory tests can be helpful to determine if there is any underlying medical conditions that could be affecting your weight. Your health assessment includes the … Continue reading 10 Tips for Weight Loss Success

The Science Behind Intermittent Fasting

You may have heard of intermittent fasting, which essentially is starvation done in a strategic manner. People who follow this practice take periodic breaks from eating, for up to 24 hours, once or twice a week. This popular diet touts intermittent fasting as an effective way to lose weight and to improve health. But is … Continue reading The Science Behind Intermittent Fasting

Keep your Diet on Track during the Holidays

The average American gains 1 pound between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. Although this doesn’t sound like much, most people do not lose this weight when the holidays are over, and it begins to accumulate year after year. Even the most disciplined people can find it difficult to stick to their health routines during the holidays. … Continue reading Keep your Diet on Track during the Holidays

What Weight Loss Program is Right for You?

If you are like most people, you probably are or have been on a diet. An estimated 45 million Americans go on a diet each year and spend $33 billion annually on weight loss products. Nearly two-thirds of Americans, however, are obese or overweight. If you plan to start a weight-loss program, it is important … Continue reading What Weight Loss Program is Right for You?

Healthy Holiday Eating Tips

The holidays are a time to gather with friends and family, while this is a great time to visit with family and friends, it may not be so great for your waist line. The typical American gains 1-2 pounds throughout the holiday season; this may not seem like much but many people do not lose … Continue reading Healthy Holiday Eating Tips

How to Enjoy the Holidays without Adding on Extra Pounds

It’s that time of year again! The time when we get together with friends and family and eat way too much food which in turn leads to weight gain and setting New Year’s resolutions to lose that weight. On average, Americans gain approximately one to two pounds during the holidays which doesn’t seem like a … Continue reading How to Enjoy the Holidays without Adding on Extra Pounds

Staying Slim on Spring Break

You’ve almost hit the end of the countdown until spring break. You’ve worked out, eaten healthy, may have lost some weight, and are ready to wear your shorts and tank top. You have put so much effort into making healthy lifestyle changes for vacation, are you going to let them all go to the wayside … Continue reading Staying Slim on Spring Break