Perks of Homegrown Fruits & Vegetables

A favorite summer memory of many Wisconsinites is the taste of a freshly-picked, homegrown tomato still warm from the sun’s rays. Food straight from the garden just tastes better – ever wonder why? Read on to hear our top reasons for choosing home- or locally-grown produce.   Gardening as a lifelong hobby Gardening is a … Continue reading Perks of Homegrown Fruits & Vegetables

Eat Local!

Eating locally grown foods has more benefits than one. Not only are these foods tasty, you are supporting local farmers and producers, being sustainable, supporting the local economy, and choosing healthy and nutritious options. Whether you make weekly trips to the local Farmers’ Market or choose restaurants and stores that carry local products, you are … Continue reading Eat Local!

Local Farmer’s Markets

It is that time of the year for local farmer’s markets! Farmer’s markets are a great place to get locally grown produce and goods at a reasonable price while supporting the local economy. Usually the produce at farmer’s markets taste better as they are picked at the peak ripeness and transported fewer miles than produce … Continue reading Local Farmer’s Markets