Intuitive Eating

Stop dieting, eat the way nature intended, make peace with food & your body. If you've ever seen a baby eat, you know they are not concerned with calories, fat, carbs, or how their belly looks. They eat when hungry, stop when full, never regret a second helping and eat foods they truly enjoy. When … Continue reading Intuitive Eating

Ditch the Diets

Over 45 million Americans will go on a diet this year, but calorie restricted diets are not the best way to sustain a healthy weight. Although low calorie diets help people to lose weight in the short term, 97 percent of people regain the weight lost within three years. Yo-yo dieting is linked to heart … Continue reading Ditch the Diets

10 Tips for Weight Loss Success

Medical Health It is important for the Registered Dietitian and other health care providers to know your medical history before you begin a weight-loss program. A medical examination and possibly laboratory tests can be helpful to determine if there is any underlying medical conditions that could be affecting your weight. Your health assessment includes the … Continue reading 10 Tips for Weight Loss Success