Start the School Year off Right with Breakfast

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Studies show that kids who eat breakfast in the morning are more alert during the school day, have improved behavior, and perform better in the classroom. Unfortunately, many kids don’t eat breakfast before going to school, which means they be missing out on important nutrients. Breakfast is an important meal for your kids, so make sure they start the day off right!

Here are a few ideas to get your morning off on the right track:

  • Ask your kids what they’d like to eat. You don’t need to serve traditional breakfast foods in order to reap the benefits. If your kids have input into what is served, they will be more likely to eat it.
  • Get organized the night before. Set the table and put out a few boxes of cereal before you go to bed. This will make the morning run much more smoothly.
  • Skip late night snacking. Many kids aren’t hungry in the morning because they snack at night. Tell your kids that the kitchen is closed after dinner, and they will be much more likely to want to eat breakfast.
  • Start small. If your kids aren’t used to eating breakfast, it may take a while to develop this habit. Start with a small serving of yogurt of a piece of toast with peanut butter to make eating breakfast easier.
  • Set your alarm 10 minutes earlier. Many people skip breakfast because they simply don’t have time.
  • Keep breakfast simple. You don’t need to prepare a full meal with pancakes, eggs, and waffles. A bowl of whole-grain cereal with low-fat milk and a piece of fruit will provide you kids with enough energy to start the day. Other good options are string cheese, berries, yogurt, mini bagels, and English muffins.
  • Dress and shower first, eat second. Give your kids the opportunity to fully wake up to start to feel hungry before starting to eat.
  • Pack your breakfast to go. Send you kids to school with a banana, granola bar, and a carton of milk. You can also check to see breakfast is an option at your child’s school.
  • Be a positive role model. Be sure to eat breakfast with your kids. Breakfast has important benefits for adults too, including weight management.

Help your kids to start the school year off on the right foot by including a nutritious breakfast in your daily routine.

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