Strawberry Fruit Dip with Cupid Fruit Kabobs

Kabob Ingredients:
Small Skewers
Dip Ingredients:
1 ½ c Frozen Whole Strawberries, Thawed
2 c (16 oz) Plain Yogurt
½ tsp Vanilla Extract

1. Wash pineapple, strawberries, and blueberries. Cut fresh pineapple into triangles. Remove stems from strawberries. Using the skewers, place the strawberry on the skewer towards the middle, followed by a blueberry and then the pineapple triangle last. Use your creativity and make the other side of the skewer look like the end of an arrow!
2. In a blender, mix plain yogurt, thawed strawberries, and vanilla extract. Blend ingredients until smooth. Dip makes 11 servings.
3. Serve kabobs with chilled strawberry fruit dip.

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